On Becoming Whole (working title)

When we identify ourselves as trans*inter*queer people– when we “come out”, if you want to put it like that, whether just to ourselves or to the world at large– we’re defining ourselves as individuals, contradicting the story others had written for us, or re-routing the path that we ourselves expected our lives to take. Often other people call us “different”, “unique”, and we might even describe ourselves that way, taking pride in our separate-ness.

Difference, however, can be isolating as well as liberating, and many people in our community are struggling with a sense of isolation and loneliness. So in this project, I want to explore the ways in which we as trans*inter*queer people experience ourselves as connected to a larger human story and to the people around us. Can we feel connected and whole and different and unique all at once? These films will summon the world of myths, dreams, fables, and rituals to our aid…

The way of the heart. In four seasons. Wishes for our Communities.

Katinka and Zara invite four individuals to speak with them about their wishes for their queer communities. The outcome of these conversations will be four short clips, in four different seasons, in which the heart will take its central place in our reflections. Four short films in which we sense how we encounter communities, how we dive and glide into them, how we disconnect from them, how we feel betrayed by them, how we go in and out of wanting them, how we distance ourselves from them, how we get strength through them, hope, warmth and empowerment, if and how they make us numb from time to time and leave a feeling of indifference, what makes us romantic about them, what evokes tenderness inside us for them and what our visions are for them.

We look forward meeting, talking and taking this journey!