Welcome! Gender Sender is part of the anti-discrimination project Trans*Visible from TransInterQueer e.V.

From April through Dezember 2016 we are offering a series of multimedia workshops: animation, spoken word, songwriting and more. On this website you can find information about these workshops, meet the team , and see the video results of last year. Enjoy!


The multimedia workshop series “Gender Sender” is about examining scripts about gender and transmitting new stories. Stories that question gender in creative, intersectional, multifaceted, non-normative ways. Stories that are like us: complex, authentic, and spe aking from the heart! We’re all familiar with gender rules, spoken and unspoken: Women are feminine, boys don’t cry, working-class women are tough, boys wear blue and girls pink, black men are athletic. Sound familiar? These messages usually reach us loud and clear! Trans*, inter* and gender/queer people aren’t exempt from these rules; in fact, the messages keep coming: Trans* men are sexy only when they’re buff, femmes don’t date other femmes, as an older trans* woman she probably isn’t queer, inter* people don’t want to be out, genderqueer people should be androgynous… These messages are often quieter, sometimes just whispers, but they reach us too. We want to write new stories with you, based on our real lives!




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